Support Our Mission!

Every day at the Health Center, we have the privilege of serving our community—elementary school children on their first visit to the dentist, pregnant mothers receiving prenatal care, seniors learning to manage chronic diseases, families enrolling and renewing Medicaid and people needing professional counseling support to cope with anxiety, depression and other challenges.  All of these services, and more, are offered regardless of insurance coverage, thanks to our Sliding Fee Discount Program. Your financial support to allows us to achieve this important mission.  Your donations enabled us to serve the more than 6,000 patients who made 26,000 doctor visits to our Centers in 2014.  We hope you will consider investing in the health of our community through a tax-deductible gift:

  • $100 contribution will pay for a couple of sick visits to our doctors, helping a young child stay healthy and in school.
  • $500 contribution will provide a child with needed dental appointments to ensure their smile is something to be proud of.
  • $1,000 contribution will provide a pregnant mother with the prenatal care needed to ensure her baby is born healthy.
  • $5,000 contribution will provide a family of four with primary and dental care for one year, ensuring both parents can work non-stop and children don’t miss school.